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Lumifi (D-REP) Engagement Program

About This Campaign

The Lumifi for Literacy - Digital Reading Engagement Program (D-REP) is a 10 week intensive and incentive based reading program that provides support for struggling and unmotivated high school students to develop basic decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. It is a one-on-one program in which a teacher works closely with a student for 45 minutes while the student engages in reading and writing activities. This program is the result of a unique social innovation partnership between The Power to Be International, Enactus-LUMIFI, University of Toronto, and two high schools, Little London and Rhodes Hall, in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Donating to volunteers in the program helps to provide services to D-REP (Lumifi) participants in Jamaica. Student volunteers will work with students in the program to assist in increasing literacy skills. Donate as support program volunteers!

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