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My goal was to apply for a program that will expand my horizons through exploring international locations and volunteering to help children in need. The Power To Be International is providing me with the opportunity to do this by a virtue of amazing experiences that I know I will encounter on this venture. It is an amazing journey that I am so very grateful and prepared to embark on. I know that there are going to be phenomenal people I am going to encounter, and I am just hopeful that I can help, learn and grow as a person from them.

Lumifi (D-REP) Engagement Program

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The Lumifi for Literacy - Digital Reading Engagement Program (D-REP) is a 10 week intensive and incentive based reading program that provides support for struggling and unmotivated high school students to develop basic decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. It is a one-on-one program in which a teacher works closely with a student for 45 minutes while the student engages in reading and writing activities. This program is the result of a unique social innovation partnership between The Power to Be International, Enactus-LUMIFI, University of Toronto, and two high schools, Little London and Rhodes Hall, in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Donating to volunteers in the program helps to provide services to D-REP (Lumifi) participants in Jamaica. Student volunteers will work with students in the program to assist in increasing literacy skills. Donate as support program volunteers!
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